The mission of The Yukong Post is to serve as a much-needed platform for blogs that have broad angles, critical thinking, and balanced viewpoints.

Unfortunately today, most media outlets in America have lost their independence, seriousness and broad perspectives, due to the following reasons:

  • Impacted by partisan politics, many media outlets have degraded to become the voice of political parties. They no longer publish any essays with independent, fact-based analysis;
  • Influenced by pop culture, most media outlets are filled with superficial topics such as scandals or personal/trivial topics like sports, movie and music celebrities. Serious articles and analyses become increasingly scarce.
  • Driven by commercial interests, news and articles are increasingly myopic, lacking international and cross-cultural perspectives.
  • Constrained by "political correctness," many media outlets are shying away from articles with critical thinking and insightful ideas.

As a result, according to the Gallup Poll of September 2016, more than two third of the American audience no longer trust the media. They cry out for a different kind of media.


At this critical moment, Mr. YuKong Zhao, a Chinese American author, a renowned Asian American leader, the President of Asian American Coalition for Education has introduced the The Yukong Post. It serves as a much needed blogging platform for authors who write articles with broad perspectives, critical thinking, and balanced viewpoints. He sincerely hopes it will be of value to readers who are open-minded and seeking insightful ideas and perspectives.


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